5 Tips that cooling down with a fan much faster in Summer

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5 Tips that cooling down with a fan much faster in Summer

Summer is here, it is super hot. How to get more comfortable in Summer?
It costing too much high of the monthly electricity if the air conditioner keep working all day long.
What’s more, the older and the Kids are easy to catch a cold in the air conditioner room when stay for long hours.

Here I am telling 5 tips method that can be cooling down much easy with a fan in Summer.

1. Put the Fan on a right position in room.
In the morning and in the night, the outside Temperature is lower than indoor. at this time, you’d better put the fan nearby the Window and turn it on, with the same direction of fan blowing and outside wind, then the fan will just sending the outdoor wind into the room much quickly. it is also improving the Fan’s efficiency at the same time.

2. Put some Frozen ice or water with ice ahead of the Fan.
when the ice is melting, evaporation of water will absorb the surrounding heat, it will well cooling down the temperature much fast. and when the Fan working, the fan is Putting these cool air to the room everywhere. this works very well.

3. Try to make the fan blow against indoor.
When the room inside is very hot, more hot than outdoor. fan working face to the window So that the hot air in the room and the outside of the fresh air exchange, become more cool faster.

4.How to do with a Fan cooling for Sleeping.
when falling sleep, turned the fan to the opposite direction of the wall blowing, it can effectively cool and people will feel very comfortable, it will never catch a cold.

5. Make the Fan blowing up to the Ceiling.
If the hot air is staying around the Ceiling of the room, it will make the room temperature very high. You can adjust the direction of the fan occasionally, let it blow up. So that the air near the ceiling can be mixed with the air at the foot of the air, when 10 minutes pass by, the room will cool down.

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