Eyelash extensions Tool – Fast electronic Eyelash extensions dryer.

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Eyelash extensions is getting more and more popular in US and Europe. and you will see it has establish a lot professional Salon for this service in Local.

What are eyelash extensions?
Eyelash extensions are not exactly similar to what false eyelashes are. In fact, they are more durable and long-lasting than false/artificial eyelashes. They remain for an amount of time equal to/a little less or more than 3 months. They aren’t permanent. They last up to 3 months, so they can, definitely, be called semi-permanent, but you know that they are going to fall off. And, as soon as your natural eyelashes grow in size and length, these extensions grow as well, and then, they finally fall off. You always get them glued by a professional for various reasons.

China has full set eyelash extension supplies, in order to assist a perfect eyelash extension in Salon, now factory develop a new better tool of Mini Fan electronic Air Blower for helping faster drying for Eyelash Extension, the usage and function is to dry eyelash extension glue quickly. it is popular for eyelash extension classes in eyelash extension school.

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