The USB Mini fans in China

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With the development over the world, dates from 2014, mini portable small fan selling growth rapidly and now it is becoming a boom period. A variety good design and fans goes here.

Here, let us talk about the various uses and designs of the fans:
1. Portable small fan, handheld + hanging design.
Handy cooler, mini handheld fan with base, rechargeable mini fan, neck fan with lanyard. Mini fan with silicone cord for backpack hiking.

2. Various types of fans with clips
A fan with clip on desk or a fan with clip for baby trolley is a must in summer.

3. Beauty connection eyelash small fan:
It works as a glue dryer for the beauty eyelash extension Salon.

4. Mini fan with LED Text:
This is a new way to express greeting or mind Purpose. More is shown as a promotional gift or Special day gifts.

5. Car Fan:
This fan design has to be wind powerful, Drivers best favorite.

6. Water misting spray + fan dual function:
Apply to office or outdoor, it is favorite by beauty women and Kids. Some is small design and You can always have a humidifying function on the face, that makes you feel very comfortable.

7. Fan + desk lamp dual function:
This is a perfect design for Students, student can use it in School or reading room to do their home work.

How to choose a fan ?

Set your end user market and budget first.
1. Some products are very good design, Not only on the appearance but also product quality. You¡¯d better to set a price level for your market and choose the right product. Ask yourself some questions like:
Who will use the fan?
How they want the fan to be? Including appearance and function.
What price range they can accept? And how can I make them to accept a higher price? Etc.
How I sell the fan in local? Online or store

2. The quality of the battery is with high and low quality. Some is poor battery, only can work half an hour after per fully charged. Some is with good quality, it can work for 3-5 hours per time after full charged. The good quality ones price will be price higher then the poor ones.
For the battery operated mini fan, it is recommend that you buy a sample back to test before order.

3. For the product you interested , it is welcome that you can send me the details to me by email