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Kids Desktop Fish tank for 3-12 years old child
It is a Children’s smart fish tank, smart companionship, children’s gifts, home decorations

1. Water circulation system: to ensure that the water in the tank has a good circulating water system to meet the oxygen supply requirements. The product uses a 25-35 decibel silent water pump. The pump flow ensures that the water in the tank circulates 15-25 times per hour. It can be intuitively understood as: The water in the aquarium has to go through physical filtration, nitrification filtration, and oil film filtration 15-25 times per hour to ensure good water quality and oxygen supply in the tank.

2. Physical filtration: 100% high-permeability, high-density polyester fiber cotton is used to filter the physical impurities in the tank to ensure that the water body is clean and thorough.

3. Nitrification system: to ensure the ecological balance of nitrification and denitrification in the water body, so that the fish will be healthier and have a better physical and mental state.

4. Oil film filtration: to ensure that the surface layer of the water body is clear and bright.

5. Lighting effects: The product has 5 lighting effects, and the lighting effects can be switched according to the environment and the species of fish raised. The lighting system is soft and does not hurt children’s eyes.

6. Heating system: The product is equipped with a self-developed built-in heating system.

7. Feeding reminder/water change reminder: These 2 functions are mainly to guide and cultivate children’s time management concepts and sense of responsibility, so that children have a good interactive experience with the product. Remind feeding (1 time every 2 days) and water change (1 time every 5 days) through the cartoon pattern on the OLED screen.

8. Temperature display: OLED screen is used to display the temperature of the fish tank in real time.

9. Every function (such as heating rod, light, water pump, etc.) of more than 95% of other fish tanks on the market requires separate configuration, separate wiring, separate payment, troublesome operation, and cannot be built-in, which affects the appearance.

Name : Intelligent Desktop Aquarium
Model : PBYG-01A
Product Size : 200*210*330 mm  / 3 L capacity
Color : white, Pink, Blue, Grey
Applications : Home Decoration
Advantage : Auto recycle water kids fish tank
Feature : 5V1A
Material : Tritan/ABS
Specification : CCC/UL/CE
Color box : 265*265*370mm
Package : 4 pcs into a Master Carton
G.W : 7.5 KGS
Carton Size : 56x56x40 CM